Thanksgiving 7 Ingredients or Less Recipes

Take a moment, invest some of your time, prepare a delicious meal for the ones you love the most. Delicious, simple and quick recipes for a very special occasion. Celebrate family and love in this Thanksgiving.

Vegetarian Recipes for Thanksgiving

5 Vegetarian Recipes for Thanksgiving postThanksgiving is a time for enjoying the company of family and friends and eating some great food. Turkey, of course, is the traditional food of Thanksgiving, but not everyone wants to eat meat. This might be for religious reasons, animal welfare reasons, or some other personal preference.  Vegetarian recipes for your Thanksgiving here.

Make ahead Appetizer Recipes

Make ahead Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes #NoMoreThan5IngredientsPlan and prepare ahead so you can enjoy the good moments with your family and friends. Delicious make ahead recipes here.



Simple Recipes for 2 for Thanksgiving

Simple Recipes for two for Thanksgiving postDon’t end up making more food than you need and overeating. Try one of these Thanksgiving recipes for two instead. Recipes here.