Healthy Protein Bars

Healthy protein bars can replace a snack, help you lose weight, or be used after workouts to aid recovery and build muscle.

There are two main types of protein bars:

  • Meal Replacement bars – designed for weight loss, these bars are low calorie, and contain protein, vitamins and healthy nutrients
  • Post workout bars – high in carbs and protein, these bars are designed to speed up your recovery after exercise and build muscle.

Why do I eat protein bars? 

In my daily life, I use portion control as it’s an amazing system for organizing and preparing my meals in advance so I can have healthy and enjoyable meals at my office while following a good diet.

Whether you work at home or in a company office, it’s unlikely you’ll have time of the facilities to prepare a decent meal at work. Cooking your meals at the weekend and then storing them in portion control containers is the best way to have a healthy lunch during the working week.

But what about snacks? Snacks all too easily can be unhealthy and derail your diet. That’s where protein bars are very useful.

Replace a snack

I normally prepare homemade snacks, you can find my favorite recipes here, but just as sometimes I like to have a lunch out, I also like to buy a snack to go for a change.

Healthy snacks are hard to find in the supermarket and most of them are processed foods high in sugar and fats without any fiber or real nutritional value.

While looking for healthy snack, I found protein bars. There are a lot of options for different results and some are very nutritive and healthy while others are purely candy bars.

As like to have more control over what I eat, I started to make homemade protein bars. They are tasty, healthy, and easy to prepare. This way I could replace my normal snack with a protein bar. You can find my homemade protein bars recipes here.

I take a protein bar with me to work and usually have it between breakfast and lunch. If you’re following a meal replacement shakes plan, here is mine, it’s also perfect for between shakes.

Homemade protein bars, my recipes here, are a very good option but, sometimes, it’s handy to have readymade bars available, especially during busy weeks when you don’t have extra time for cooking.

So I decided to find a healthy protein bar to buy that was suitable for use during a weight loss diet and as an alternative to the high sugar protein bars which we all should avoid.

What’s the best protein bar for you?

the best healthy protein bars by days to fitnessWith so many bars available on the market, in this article, I’ll help you to find the best ones and the one that best suits your needs. Find it here.


Homemade Protein Bars Recipes

This are my favorite homemade protein bars recipes. You can save money and make healthy protein bars by simply following any of these recipes

More about Healthy Protein Bars

Protein is very filling, and also boosts your metabolism, leading to faster weight loss. Talk about a perfect combination! They are also sweet and tasty, and many come in the same flavors as candy bars, but with fewer calories.