Superfood Smoothies

Superfoods really do live up to the hype “Are Superfoods just a Hype ?” – unlike many other nutritional supplements and ideas. They’re natural, readily available, and easy to add to your diet. Not only that, they really do work.

Science and doctors all agree that superfoods can boost your health. It’s not a question of why you should use superfoods but more a question of why aren’t you?! And the easiest way to get superfoods in your diet? That’s superfood smoothies of course!

While you can add superfood powder to almost any smoothies, my recommendations on my article “The Best Superfood Powder“, this doesn’t always enhance the taste! Superfood powder often contains spirulina and other very green ingredients that may or may not match the taste of your smoothie. Some superfood powders taste decidedly pond-like because spirulina is a form of algae! That’s not a bad thing especially but does mean that you might turn an otherwise nice smoothie into something a little less pleasant. 

But you can still enjoy superfood smoothies – you’ll just need to use whole superfoods instead. 

Superfoods that are good for smoothies include blueberries, kefir, coconut oil, almond butter, avocado, kale, bananas, strawberries, papaya, pomegranate, avocado oil, cherries, pineapple, plums, coconut, melon, cranberries and many, many more. 

The next time you want a super healthy smoothie but would prefer to use whole rather than powdered superfoods, check out my awesome Sarah-approved recipes. Some of my favorites are Probiotic Protein Banana Smoothie, Blueberry Yogurt Maple Smoothie, and the awesome Berry Flaxseed Smoothie

One of the best things about smoothies (other than tasting great and healthy too) is that they take no more than a minute or two to make and washing up is as simple as swilling out your blender with warm water and a little detergent. 

Smoothies Whole Superfood Recipes

Superfoods Powder Smoothies 

Superfoods are really good for you but then I expect you guessed that – that’s why they’re called super!

Superfoods are loaded with essential nutrients that you just won’t find anywhere else, at least not in such large and concentrated amounts. But how can you make sure you are getting enough superfoods in your diet?

Whole superfoods are okay but you’ll probably be limited to how many you can realistically eat in a day. This means you’ll have to make some tough choices as to which ones you do and which ones you don’t include in your diet.

Or, you could use a superfood powder, the one I use and why I recommend it on my article “Best Superfood Powder” which is a supplement that contains a wide range of concentrated superfoods that you can conveniently add to water or juice or, more tastily, add to a superfood smoothie.

Superfood powder smoothies are one of my favorite kinds of smoothies and, as you know, I love all smoothies – a lot! Superfood powder smoothies are so healthy that can almost feel them doing you good as you drink them.

You can add superfood powder to your regular smoothies but, because I love to make unusual and great tasting smoothies, you could try one of my Recipes Using Superfood Powder. I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as I do.

Superfoods Powder Smoothies Recipes

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