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Kids can be notoriously fussy eaters. I know that when I was little, I only wanted to eat alphabet spaghetti and fish sticks! With more and more kids becoming overweight, nutrition for children is more important than ever. Kids, as they develop, need not only calories, but lots of vitamins and minerals too.
Most so-called kid-friendly foods are nothing more than sugar-laden junk that can contribute to weight gain and tooth decay. Many of these same foods are also loaded with gluten. Kids, just like adults, can develop gluten sensitivities so it’s important that you can prepare gluten-free foods that kids will also enjoy AND that are healthy.
It’s also important not to make too big a fuss about the food your child eats. It would be all too easy to plant to seeds of an eating disorder into your child’s mind if you start them worrying about the food they are and are not allowed to eat. Food, after all, should be one of life’s pleasures – for adults and kids alike. That might sound like an impossible task but, trust me, it can be done.
Many of my friends have kids, and some of them suffer gluten intolerance, so I asked those friends to share their best recipes with me. Each one is tried, tested, and 100% kid friendly!

Healthy Pancakes, using only eggs and bananas. Gluten-free, high on protein and low on fat. Healthier changes on your favorite recipes, makes a huge impact on your life.

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