Katrin Witt

Katrin Witt yoga teacherHi! I’m Katrin and I’m very happy to introduce you to the world of Yoga here at daytofitness.com

I’ve been studying yoga for more than 10 years now. From the very beginning of my yoga practice I have found peace and strength and serenity and gratitude soon followed. The desire to be able to pass that on to others inspired me into doing a yoga teacher training course in 2013 in India at the Ashiyana Yoga Centre  and aroused my interest in yoga and holistic life approaches. Additionally it is my very heartfelt goal to integrate yoga into a normal life, to practice with fun and joy, and to preach no overly strict dogmas.

I live in Berlin in Germany.  I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Pilates and I’m also a PR consultant. As a nomad-hearted being, I’m often in Morocco, where I teach several Yoga Retreats with the lovely travel company NOSADE offering Yoga travel options and individual desert tours all over Morocco.


My first steps towards Yoga 

I was always quite active in terms of sports, and I’m a very curious person and like to try new things. And, of course, I get stressed now and then by my jobs and my everyday life. 

So, when I started working in the quite fast environment of the communication business I searched for some kind of exercise that had a strengthening as well as a stretching effect and that would be calming at the same time. 

I found I was often longing for movement after several hours of sitting at a desk in front of a computer. So, basically, it was a physical need that made me step into my first yoga class in 2005. 

It was a 60-minute class in a fitness studio and I was very lucky to meet a very nice yoga teacher who understood my doubts about all the esoteric things that yoga involves; she always invited us students to do things voluntarily and never forced anything. That’s good as I don’t like things to be forced upon me! 

I was quite skeptical during the whole session but, at the same time, already totally in love with effect of the first class. And so, I gave it another try, and another. and suddenly the yoga class was a regular appointment with myself. 

Lucky me I say today! 

But to be honest, just going to the classes didn’t make me dive head-first into yoga immediately. I didn’t sing one OM for more than a year and didn’t even exhale loudly or flutter my lips – things that are very much part of yoga many classes. 

Today I do lots of these things and I love it because I understand, and even more importunately, have experienced the effects of all this physical practice and the great age-old philosophy that makes up this amazing system of exercise.

And that’s why I’m very happy to invite you to make the first steps into the beautiful world of Yoga!