Finger Food Recipes for Christmas

Christmas is normally associated with Christmas dinner – a big, sumptuous meal that you eat sat at a decorated dining table, surrounded by your family and friends. However, that’s just one meal from what is a holiday that lasts several days. What about the rest of the time? Yes, you want to eat nice things, but you won’t necessarily want to have the whole formal dining experience every time you eat.

One solution is Christmas finger foods. These mouth-sized bites are tasty, a little on the fancy side, but easy to eat. You don’t even need to use cutlery, and you can eat them while relaxing, and maybe even while you watch TV.

Finger food doesn’t have to mean a bag of potato chips or a sandwich – it can be much more exotic and tasty, but it doesn’t have to be hard to make either. Here are three great Christmas finger food recipes to try!

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