Christmas Vegetarian Recipes – Less than 7 Ingredients

Christmas dinner is traditionally some kind of meat or poultry. Turkey, chicken, goose, beef, or pork are all common Christmas choices. However, not everyone likes or wants to eat meat, and I’m one of them. 

While I’m not a true vegetarian, I often feel like going meat-free, and I know a number of my family and friends do too. For this reason, I’m always on the lookout for vegetarian recipes – especially for Christmas. 

I remember once, when I was young, going to have Christmas dinner with my grandparents and, when I told them I wasn’t eating meat, they just gave me a big plate of vegetables. Yes, this was very healthy, but not what a child wants for her Christmas dinner that’s for sure! 

Whenever I think of that less-than-tasty Christmas dinner, I am reminded to make sure I make at least one vegetarian dish for my Christmas dinner guests in case one of them prefers not to eat meat. 

Vegetarian or not, I know you’ll enjoy these meat-free Christmas foods! 

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