Food Processor Recipes

Of all the kitchen appliances you could own, a food processor is probably the most versatile. Depending on the model you buy and the attachments it is supplied with, you can use a food processor to make a wide variety of foods such as soup, pastry, smoothies, dough, ice cream, and any number of other nice things to eat.

While food processors are very useful, they can also be a little expensive, complicated to use – at least until you get used to them, and a bit fiddly to clean; at least that’s my experience!

However, if you are looking for a “kitchen assistant” that makes many mundane cooking tasks easier, a food processor is a very useful addition to your food preparation arsenal.

I use my food processor quite a lot; I use it to make bread dough, to make cake batter, and to slice and dice veggies when I’m in a rush. It will also whisk eggs, grate cheese, and do a whole bunch of other stuff far quicker than I ever can. It’s especially useful during my Sunday food prep days when I use it to chop lots of veggies when I’m making my healthy meals for the rest of the week. It really saves time and effort.

Here are three of my favorite food processor recipes. I make them regularly as they are foods I love but prefer not to buy the store-bought versions.


The so good chicken korma and so easy to do with your food processor. Prepare a lovely meal for your loved friends and family.

I love vegetables. I eat them at almost every meal. They’re filling, healthy, and very…