Christmas Baking Recipes

Baking is one of the easiest ways to cook food on Christmas day. Just put the ingredients together, pre-heat your oven, and then pop everything in and leave it until it’s cooked – simple! Baking means you are free to spend your time with your dinner guests, and don’t have to be chained to your cooker. 

I also like baking recipes because, often, they can be prepared the day before you cook them. That’s great if, like me, you are going to be busy on Christmas day, rushing around doing your best Santa impersonation!

To ensure your baking recipes come out perfectly, make sure you check your oven temperatures, and also monitor the progress of your food in case your cooker is faster or slower than normal. It’s not uncommon for some cookers to work at a slightly high or lower temperature than average. Treat the cooking times on all the recipes as an estimate rather than an absolute. 

More Christmas Recipes

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