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If you eat healthily most of the time, now and then you deserve a dessert. Unfortunately, most desserts are not only high in sugar, they are high in gluten. Cakes, pies, pastries, and puddings often contain a lot of flour and flour, being made from wheat, means gluten.
There are some desserts that are naturally low in gluten or even gluten free – ice cream being a prime example. But, because it’s not always the season for ice cream and you may want to do something other than pull a tub of mint-choc-chip out of the freezer, it’s always useful to know how to make some more interesting desserts for when you want a sweet treat.
These desserts are friend, family, and my own personal favorites and each one is so delicious you’ll quickly forget that you are eating something that is free from gluten. Giving up gluten does not have to mean giving up on taste – as these awesome recipes prove!